BerGen Bio AS
BerGen Bio AS offers novel validated drug candidates and therapeutic targets to the global biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. In addition, BerGenBio offers, as a service to the same sector, a unique (RNAi based) approach to drug target discovery and validation which translates into increased candidate success and reduced time to market. The company’s business model is focused on the sale of validated drug Leads and Targets which are primarily developed in-house but also include those arising from co-development contracts, whilst the Service operations finance the company’s running costs.


APIM Therapeutics AS

APIM Therapeutics AS develop novel peptide drugs which have the potential of improving the action of a wide range of chemotherapeutic agents, including top selling DNA-interacting drugs, currently used for the treatment of several types of cancer.


Prophylix Pharma AS

Prophylix Pharma develops a prophylactic treatment for the condition Neonatal Alloimmune Trombocytopenia (NAIT) in newborns. NAIT is caused by tissue incompatibility between a mother and her child and causes severe illness and often mortality in newborns. The planned treatment will be administered as a single dose injection to the mother immediately after delivery and the treatment has the potential to prevent development of NAIT in subsequent pregnancies. The technological basis of Prophylix Pharma comes from research at The University Hospital of North Norway and Ullevål University Hospital.  Sarsia Seed is invested in Prophylix Pharma AS through a co-investment with the seed fund Norinnova Invest AS.


Vaccibody AS

Vaccibody AS develops vaccines based on a novel proprietary concept with the potential to not only improve the efficacy of traditional prophylactic vaccines but also allows for the therapeutic use of vaccines in the active treatment i.e. post-infection, of problematic infectious diseases like herpes, HIV and influenza. The company’s technology also allows for the development of therapeutic vaccines against certain types of cancer.


Avexxin AS

Avexxin develops anti-inflammatory agents for treatment of psoriasis and other inflammation related conditions. The company aims to develop better and more cost-effective drugs than those available today. Sarsia Seed participates as a co-investor together with Karolinska Development, the commercialising unit of the Karolinska Institute.


Delante Health AS

SWG produces proprietary Omega-3 products/product lines based on high quality microencapsulated marine oils, packed in a user friendly effervescent / powder delivery form. The technology allows for the combination of water soluble and fat soluble nutrients in consumer friendly dietary supplement products. The first product, LipidFizz™ will offer omega-3 fatty acids with and without vitamins in a delivery form which has greater consumer appeal through improved product stability, taste and bioavailability, than current products.


Medstorm Innovation AS

Medstorm has developed an instrument for objective measurement of pain. The instrument uses changes in skin conductivity as an indicator of perceived pain. Such pain measurements are relevant in medical treatment of humans under anaesthesia, for post-operative monitoring, for the prematurely born and for those with chronic pain. It is similarly applicable in veterinary medicine. The product is fully developed and commercially available.


Volusense  AS

VoluSense as has developed a product, FloRight™, for non-invasive assessment without use of general anesthesia, of tidal breathing in neonates and children. FloRight measures the tidal breathing volume and flow, by a flexible vest around the torso without using the airway flow. Volusense facilitates diagnosis, treatment and follow-up in areas with high clinical value (obstructive, sleep and apnea). The product is fully developed, CE approved, and clinical documentation is being prepared.


ScreenCancer AS

ScreenCancer aims to augment global cancer screening rates by creating screening management services tailored to the needs of health plans, self-insured employers, and private individuals. The company’s competent and experienced management team aim to build the company as a preferred distribution channel through which a complete cancer screening program will be offered.


Seafarm Products AS

Seafarm Products develops a concept where fresh water and other ingredients are added to specialiced dry fish feed (pellets) enabling the fish to  maintain their natural salinity levels. Fresh water is added as part of the feeding process by means of a vacuum-system. The technology is currently being verified in several fish breeding plants, and will potentially increase efficiency and reduce the need for specialized fish feed.


Sea-Hawk Navigation AS

Sea-Hawk Navigation develops and sells specially designed radar antennas and radar sensors to shipping and offshore industries. Sea-Hawk Navigation AS has developed a revolutionary new radar technology with a performance that defines a new standard in the radar industry. Sea-Hawk’s radar technology delivers a clear and reliable overview of all the objects on the surface even under difficult weather conditions. The system can detect both sea surface and persons in the water even in rough seas and heavy rain. Sea-Hawk can also detect very small objects at high speed and can therefore improve warning capabilities to a new level where it can be relied upon as a real-time monitoring.


Sorbwater AS

Sorbwater Technology AS has developed an environmentally benign flocculation technology for removal of oil and other contaminants in water. The process is exceptionally effective and has the potential to reduce contaminants in produced water discharges from oil platforms from 30 ppm to 1 ppm. The technology is environmentally friendly and also approved for purification of drinking water.



Aquiloz delivers next generation power prediction and decision support systems for operators of wind farms. By deploying cutting edge methodologies, including physical flow modelling, and optimizing use of historical and real time operational SCADA data, the technology helps the user to understand and explain the complexity of wind power prediction down to the individual turbine.


Windsim AS

Windsim s Wind Farm Design Tool performs among other calculations of energy production in wind turbines and wind turbine farms and supplies software for such calculations. The company is a world leader in the use of tools based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for wind energy and has over the years established a strong client base including the leading actors in wind power technology. Windsim’s products and technology directly increases the client’s energy production and profits, which explains why it has become one of the central technologies in development and monitoring of wind turbine parks.